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Binding Materials

We have hundreds of material choices and colors in stock to choose from for your binding order. Cloth, coated papers, imitation leather, genuine leather, bonded leather, linen materials, library buckram and so on. We're happy to reccomend what will usually work best for your project to help you get started.

Imitation Leather and Library Buckram are good for dissertations, theses, legal closing documents, and other hard cover volumes.

For Imitation Leather & Buckram colors click here.

Genuine leather, bonded leather and Majilite* work well for many jobs such as; bibles, special volumes, portfolios, albums and even diploma covers.

For Genuine Leather & Majilite colors click here.

Besides cover materials, we have all of the other items in stock to personalized your order. Colored headbands, marker ribbons, padded covers, hubs, special endsheets and the list goes on.

Contact us today to personalize your project.

(*Majilite is a strong high-quality leather equivalent made from nylon. You get the look and feel of genuine leather with added strength and more color options. Majilite is offered at the same price as genuine leather.)

Not only are we familiar with the thesis & dissertation binding requirements of many of the schools here in the midwest, but over the years we have bound theses, CRP's and dissertations for schools around the world.
Do you have a bible that is coming apart but you don't want to replace it because of all of the valuable notes you have made in it? We repair and rebind all types of bibles and religious books. From an old family bible to a new bible that you want to upgrade the cover and binding, to everything in between, we can help.

Custom Binding
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